"South Bass"

If you like spiders for bedmates,
sand in your shoes,
Champagne for breakfast,
a late morning snooze,
kids by the dozens,
friend, brother, cousin
noise and confusion
loud and amusin
toilet facilities quite out of date
privacy never early or late
speedboat to Lonz's
the monument too
sparkling burgundy
out of a shoe
sex running rampant
in halter and shorts
gentlemen sailors powerboat sports
food when you're hungry
but not by the clock
sunbaths on concrete
Al Sommers dock
beautiful sunsets
parties at night
hangovers, hamburgers,
bugs like the blight
McMonagles' kitchen
salami and beer
swimming at midnight
"don't look over here"
egghead discussions
on all seven arts
fishing for walleye
which abound in these parts
Linker and Gruenke
plus Cooper and Jim
more than enough
to suit every whim
Schnoor and his partner
an unusual pair
tri-motor Fords
at a buck twenty fare
the poor man's Nantucket
is our Put-in-Bay
don't change it promoters
we love it that way.

By Ole Dan Dan (Cantillon)

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